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Getta Grip Shin Protectors

Enhance your rope-climbing speed with high-performance Shin Shield

Getta Grip Shin Shield CrossFit Training Shin Protectors 

Getta Grip CrossFit Shin Protectors 

high quality, tight-fitting removable Shin Protectors.

Enhance your rope-climbing 

Fully adjustable for all shapes and sizes. No need to take your shoe off in order to use.

Made from breathable neoprene

Sweat proof, absorbing any moisture.

Suitable for all athletes

3mm thick, providing protection against friction burns.


Shin Protectors

Thea Bowie, GLA

“The Shin Protectors are perfect for rope climbs, they are supportive and comfortable."

Euan Mclean, Edi

"Very easy to take off and put on, it has taken minutes off of my time because of the ease of use. Would recommend!"

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