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Getta Grip's Why

Updated: Jun 30


I discovered CrossFit about two years ago, and it has since become more than just a sport for me. It's a community of supportive individuals who have made me feel incredibly welcome and part of something bigger than myself. The camaraderie and encouragement I’ve experienced within the CrossFit community have been life-changing. Through this journey, I've come to realize my deep passion for fitness, something I was previously unaware of. This newfound passion has ignited a desire within me to immerse myself in the fitness space as much as possible.

A short time ago, I decided to take my CrossFit training more seriously. I sought additional coaching to improve my techniques and push my physical limits. During one of my training sessions, I encountered a challenge while performing a rope climb. I ended up with a severe rope burn, which was quite painful and hindered my performance. Determined to find a solution, I turned to Google, hoping to find a product that could prevent this issue in the future. However, I was disappointed to find that there were no products on the market that met my needs or that I felt confident purchasing.

In my search, I noticed that many CrossFit athletes use knee sleeves for protection during rope climbs. However, I found this solution to be cumbersome. Taking off your shoe to put on a knee sleeve, especially when you don’t need them for the entire workout, felt impractical and time-consuming. This led me to brainstorm a better solution—shin protectors that are easy to use and specifically designed for this purpose.

I reached out to a manufacturer in Wales who specializes in wetsuits and happens to be an ex-professional surfer. His name is Greg, and his expertise in creating high-quality, durable products was exactly what I needed. I travelled to Wales to meet Greg, and together, we started working on developing a pattern for the shin protectors. Our collaboration was detailed, taking about 6-8 months to perfect the design. We created a prototype and tested it to ensure it met our standards.

After months of hard work, we are now thrilled with our final product. The shin protectors are not only functional but also easy to use, addressing the specific needs I identified from my own experiences. For the time being, each shin protector is handmade by Greg in Wales. This approach ensures that every piece is uniquely crafted and of exceptional quality. We are proud of what we have achieved and excited to offer a product that can genuinely enhance the CrossFit experience for athletes facing similar challenges.

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